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Do you want to build a life out of the norm?

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Your current situation:

❌ You feel like your thoughts are everywhere and you end up not doing anything about it

❌ You feel like you have tried everything but you feel stuck in your daily life

❌ You have a seemingly good life but you feel like you’re missing something

❌ You aspire to travel more while maintaining a good balance

❌ You feel like your head pulls you in a direction and your heart in another

 Do you recognize yourself?

This first exchange is free since it is only after this first call that we can decide if we are a good match.

My solution:


We build your ideal lifestyle together in one year.

🌞 1 session every 2 weeks

🌞 No time limit on our calls together (usually between 1 and 2 hours), we take the time to talk about everything you need

🌞 All the documents/exercises you may need to help solidify what we talked about

🌞 BONUS : 7/7 days WhatsApp messages in between sessions to answer any and every question you may have

Why a year? 

Because I believe a change of lifestyle takes time in order to stick in the long run and should include all seasons of your life.

What’s the outcome? 

During our time together, I give you all the tips that I have used to build my ideal life and I help you overcome any difficulties you may have.

While keeping in mind that your ideal life doesn’t necessarily look like mine. My program is tailored to your own needs!

 Do you want to change your life?

This coaching is made for you if: 

You are ready to fully commit to get your dream life (even if you don’t know exactly what it will look like yet)

You are ready to explore life outside of society’s standards (even if it means going back to it)

You want to take better care of yourself, body and mind

You wish to create the life of your dreams

How do I work? 

🌞 Setting up a safe environment: In which you feel free to express yourself, to try, to make mistakes, to start again… without ever feeling judged.

🌞 Setting your Vision and Goal: We start by helping you clarify your vision for your ideal future life, that align with your values and the lifestyle you aspire to as a digital nomad. We try to understand what is blocking you and we define the most easiest areas for progression.

🌞 Choosing your own pace : We note what is working well, the elements that are more difficult to tackle, we will talk about your progress and the next step or stage. We advance at your pace so that the evolution takes place in line with your temperament.

🌞 Getting to know yourself : Get to know yourself and learn what to say no and yes to. Tackle limiting beliefs: impostor syndrome, good pupil syndrome and/or bright and shiny object,…

During the coaching, I am continually looking for solutions best suited to your needs, setting up exercises in which you can feel free to express yourself, to try, to adapt.

 Do you want to change your life?

This coaching is not for you if: 

You are happy with how things are in your life

You can’t fully commit for the extent of the coaching

You are not comfortable speaking English or French

Caring for others and empathy are not among your primary values.

Who am I?

My name is Chloé, I have been a digital nomad since February 2023 and self-employed since September 2021.

It all started when I realized I had all the things that I thought I needed to be happy but I simply wasn’t. I left my full-time job, my former partner and the city I lived in to embark on my fully nomadic lifestyle.

I had to figure out on my own and struggled to get to my now dream life. And I want to help you get there faster and easier than I did.

The price:

As I have just launched this offer, I am currently offering a discount :

Full price would be 3600€ for a year.

Discounted price is 2400€ for a year.

 Do you want to change your life?

This program doesn’t quite suit you? No worries, feel free to contact me, I can offer you a personalized version.

And if it still doesn’t suit you, I would be happy to advise you of other very competent people.


“I have always found it difficult to accept help. I tried to solve all my problems myself and not burden my colleagues and friends around me. After meeting Chloé, I wish I could tell my younger self to seek help sooner and invest money in it.

In the last six months of us working together, I have learnt so many new things for my professional and personal life. This has led to me giving up my flat, starting my own business and finally being able to ask for help and express what I really want and need.

Through various exercises, Chloé has taught me to focus on the essentials, but above all to give myself peace of mind. Her phrase “What’s a week in your whole life?” has left its mark on me and I have learnt to give myself a break from time to time.

Chloé is a very smart and sunny coach and I’m grateful for being her coachee.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Falco from Germany

“I recommend Chloé’s coaching, whether to receive concrete solutions with an action plan or to unblock knots during the meeting. I was able to fill out a questionnaire before the appointment which already helped me take stock of my situation and my needs.

Chloé listens very well and reacts directly to what I can share. Very important for me: she manages to guess what we don’t say or what we aren’t aware of. And that is very strong.

What I also like is that she understands that the pro. and the person. are linked and its support takes this into account. A professional full of humanity, very attentive, without judgment, responsive and who offers personalized solutions. Thank you Chloe!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Cécile from France (translated from French)

“Thank you for lighten me up with that session it really helped me up with my life, when it comes to certainty and knowing what to do exactly with my life, i wish i could do something for you to return the favor”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Abdelhaq from Morocco for a one time session

“Thank you for lighten me up with that session it really helped me up with my life, when it comes to certainty and knowing what to do exactly with my life, i wish i could do something for you to return the favor”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Julie from France for a one time session (translated from French)

“The main take away I got from our session was that it was just nice to talk about things and clear my head. I can’t say I had a better sense of direction afterwards but i think this is because I already have a clear picture of what i want out of life and how to get myself there.

What i liked the most was how we sat on the beach and i felt very comfortable and not-judged when talking with you. You created a nice environment for this.

I would recommend the coaching for the opportunity to have a dedicated time to have meaningful conversations which are not always easy to have especially with people we already know.

Overall i liked how everything was managed, the communication, organisation, and professionalism was really good.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Marc from Australia for a one time session

Not fully convinced ? I would be happy to schedule a call with you to discuss what your needs are, send me a message on Instagram!